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Jan 23, 2013 7:30am EST
are encouraging closer relations with israel some because they have fallen out with turkey? but i'd like to get some idea who how you view current foreign policy in greece. >> translator: i could tell you that -- is that a country doesn't have continue newty in the foreign policy. we going to come not to do a 180 and turn everything around, but able to give a multidimensional and active tone to our foreign policy. during my meeting with the u.s. ambassador, earlier this week, he told me what does it mean? what is multiidimensional and active foreign policy mean? greece is a country in europe but it's not like the other european countries. we're not lucky enough to be bordered by sweden. our borders are a hot bed. a hot area in the met mediterranean basin inspect is an area that is historically has been a region where there have been attempts to assert one's claims and make attempts associated with the special geostrategic position. some of the arab spring, we have instability in the area. i told you before, it's an energy hub. we are going help the efforts to make greece a region of stability,
Jan 5, 2013 2:00am EST
daughter, russia, and sherrod is deciding if he is going to take a trip to israel and figure out farm until a completely different country. you just had your baby, the. >> yes. when i married him, i realized i was marrying a person who was married to the movement. i admire that in him. so, i had to steer -- share him with everyone always. >> but at it beautiful the way you write about when you had to resign and you called charles on the phone, and charles was the one who soothed your spirit as you were driving home on that day, july 2010. so, we have something in common. you made a trip to ghana, you write about that in the book. going to ghana, going to stand in that space where potentially your an an -- ancestors, african slaves, may have come from. >> my goodness. the reason why i had the opportunity to go i had applied for a kellogg scholarship and didn't think i would get it, but during the time of the interview, one person asked me, shirley, is there something you've always wanted to do and you never had chance to do? i said, yes. i always wanted to go to africa. he said, where. i s
Jan 3, 2013 2:00am EST
i was supposed to have met him in israel and of course i didn't go because of the six-day war and i was at loose ends, and i ended up, because because the hunt st. clinic -- i don't know if you guys remember the signs that said take the trip to end the trip or love means care. i should have come over to the clinic and not gone there because they were using disposable needles and i got a blood test and i became really ill with hepatitis within six weeks. and i mean really ill as an i couldn't pick up the telephone to make a call. people i taught with put a sign up outside my door with three meals a day, early morning, late at night for people to sign up and take care of me. and the dead filled in most of those times, and took great care. i had food and i had my linens changed and people helped me to the bathroom, all those things that only comes from family. when a family is taking care of you. so around the time that i was recovered enough to get out and sit in my wing chair and looked out the window and the view i would have is down the asbury st. to the dead house, i watched the b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3